What Is Kilt?

The kilt is a knee-length skirt that is fully pleated tartan cloth. Men's consistently used by men and women as part of Scottish traditional highlander dress and now people want to wear it on special events.


Why People Choose the Wrong Size?

Mostly First-time buyers choose the wrong size because they don't know about the size. They mostly buy according to their pant size and kilt size always different from pant size. Kilt experts company always sends the email about reconfirm size. 


How to measure The Kilt?

What do you need to measure your kilt waist size? 

The Answer is Just Fabric measurement tape.

Measure From your Bellybutton. 


  1. Waist: This measurement taken around the waist navel height and measured.
  2. Hip: Please Put your feet together and stand straight and then measure the broadest part of your hip.
  3. Kilt Length: Please Kneel on the ground, Place the tape on the floor then measure up to the belly button. Please don't look down | This will alter the measurement.

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