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Blue & Black Two Tone hybird Kilt

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  • Comes In 100% Cotton
  • Comes In Blue As Primary & Black In Pleats
  • Comes With 4 Leather Straps For Fastening
  • Custom Made Kilt
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Brian L.
United States United States
Probably the best cheap utility kilt

Honestly, I wasn't expecting a whole lot from what seems to be the cheapest utility kilt sellers I've found. Overall, though I'm quite happy with it. The kilt is pretty heavy and thick, and seems like it'll actually stand up to good use. None of the snaps feel like they'll come undone in the slightest breeze (and we've been having a lot of breezes to test them), and it's heavy enough that the front flap doesn't get too airborne, too. The pockets, as expected, are giant and hold everything I need, up to and including a 2-liter of soda. That 2-liter is pretty much the max, though, as if people are regularly needing to carry that much soda around in their pocket. That being said, there's maybe a couple weird things I've found with it. Nothing actually serious, but strange. For instance, my kilt came with quite a few random threads just sort of stuck to it by static, of which only a couple were in the colors my kilt was. In addition to that, there were a few loose threads that just needed to be trimmed off. Removing the stray threads and snipping the loose ones took maybe five minutes of my time, and if that's the tradeoff for getting a cheap kilt, I'm cool with it. Like I said earlier the hardware itself seems to be fine, but the leather belts on the side with the snaps on them do seem to be just a little cheap. The standard length of 24'' seems to be spot on. The hem of the kilt I got hits me just above the knee when I've got it pulled up to my belly button. Keep in mind that I'm 6'3", so that same length might not quite work for everyone else. I'm also not at all familiar with where the hem "should" fall for a kilt, so if it's supposed to be below the knee, then whoops. If anything, I'd probably go maybe an inch or two shorter on the next kilt I get (and I will definitely be getting another) just because I've never been a fan of long clothing on my legs. I also made the mistake of buying it too large; the size guide says to measure by your belly button, which I did (three times!), but it still wound up being a little too big. It's not unwearably large and works just fine with a belt, but for some reason I got it in my head that the waist size you select would be a size in the middle of the total possible range, not the minimum size. Also not a big deal, but I don't remember seeing anywhere on the site where it said the range that a selected waist size would fit. Shipping did take a while, but not only did I select the slow shipping time, there was also that whole big thing with the Suez Canal being blocked that really just seemed to screw a lot of shipping stuff up. In comparison to other kilts, this one definitely seems to be the best of the cheap kilts out there. I've found plenty of other stores selling what looks like the exact same product, save for the other guys' prices are higher, and they don't have as many customization options. As far as comparing to the big utility kilt names, there's obviously some corners cut and cheaper fixings on this one, but for only $50 it's hard to beat if you're looking at getting it either as your first try with a kilt or as someone more experienced looking for something cheap that seems like it will hold up.

Lucas S.
France France

Perfect! Perfect fit, fast delivery and unbelievable low price!