About Traditional Kilt

A traditional kilt is a knee-length garment that is worn by men in Scotland. It is made of a heavy woolen material and is typically tartan plaid in design. The kilt is worn with a variety of accessories, such as a sporran (a small pouch worn at the front of the kilt), a sgian dubh (a small knife tucked into the sock), and a kilt pin (a decorative pin worn on the front of the kilt). The kilt is typically worn on formal occasions, such as weddings and traditional events such as the Highland Games. It is also worn by Scottish regiments in the British Armed Forces and by pipe bands.

Tartan Kilt and Tartan Fabric

Tartan fabrics have remained a Scottish national symbol for generations and they are used to sew Tartan Kilts, a national Scottish dress. For observers and none initiates, the fabrics all look the same but this is not the case. You see, these fabrics have meanings and represent the wearer's membership to certain clans. Tartan kilts are also won by Irishmen but they have a different pattern compared to the ones worn by Scotsmen.

Types of Tartan Fabric

Tartan is a Gaelic word, and in English, it means “crisscross”, which best explains why the Tartan kilts worn by men all have one common feature, stripes and different color combinations. There are different types of fabrics used to sew kilts. Some of the common ones are suiting fabrics, coating fabrics, and worsted wool fabrics. There is also the amazing tartan model made with acrylic wool. Acrylic wool is a favorite of many because they have a soothing feel to the skin.

Tartan Kilts were once banned

Scottish men did not only wear tartan kilts to cover their lower bodies but the kilts were also a means to display their allegiance to Scotland in a show of patriotism. But King George II tried to repress the culture by passing the Act of 1746. This act outlawed the wearing of Tartan Kilts by servicemen of the Highland regiment and all forms of Highland clothes in a bid to identify Jacobite loyalists in the army who could be used by these enemies to dethrone him. The ban was eventually lifted thirty-six years later in 1782.

Ever since the kilt has endured the test of time and remains a proud symbol of Scottish national pride. And today, there are as many as 3,500 different tartan fabrics representing different regions, families, and clans.

How to buy the best Tartan fabric for your kilt

If you want to buy fabric for your kilt you need to be sure of the patterns to go for. However, the pattern should not matter as much as the materials. Acrylic wool remains one of the best fabrics ever and you can find reliable sellers online who offer the best tartan fabrics at affordable prices.

What to wear under your Tartan Kilt?

This is one question newbies ask and who will blame them? Wearing an outfit that looks like a lady's skirt can be unsettling, isn't it? Especially when you are not used to keeping your legs closed to cover your modesty as a man. For your underwear, you can wear a short or pant but if you are too shy to wear that, a thick and dark underwear commando will suffice.

If you must buy a tartan fabric, make sure you only buy from highly rated online tartan stores so that you get a fabric that will last for long before the need arises to seek a replacement. Next time you plan to attend a parade, make sure you turn up with pride in a tartan kilt, Scotsman or not.